Our Window

Video installation, plywood, personal experiences.

For Yearning to the sky a project of the Parallel Program of the 7th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, 2017

shown as well on KAJKO 2022 festival
Lena (Kolenka) Rammi & Ekaterina Sisfontes

Recreating a piece of kitchen comfort, the artists seem to say:

“We invite you to visit our house.
Sit down on the seat more comfortably.
Lean on the sill.
Believe me, there’s nowhere to hurry.
Today is a day off.
The day when you can look down on the city through the wide-open window shutters.

We are sure, even if our view from the window is not familiar to you, acknowledge, that at times you may also see in the sky something as impossible as we always do.”