DUO Contradiction

An undefined group of an undefined number of people with undefined goals and undefined means of reaching an undefined audience

DUO Contradiction has been around since 2014 in an unofficial existence.

 Objects of DUO Contradiction have, among other things, participated in the Exhibition “Yearning for the Sky” in the parallel program of the Moscow Biennial of Modern Art 2017. 

DUO Contradiction is organized in the form of a non-profit artist-run collective in November 2021 and it has 18 active members.

Since December 2021, the association has run its own gallery in a display window at Fridhemsplan’s metro entrance in Stockholm, Sweden named #ArtWindowAtFridhamsplan.

DUO Contradiction with volunteers and independent actors outside the association organizes theater performances,  poetry performances, art exhibitions, and street art in the form of happenings and pop-up exhibitions.

DUO Contradiction is created and the association has a vision of an important democratic mission where it collaborates with poets, artists, musicians, and performance artists.

The association also brings together cultural practitioners from Sweden with those from other countries in exciting joint projects. The association has organized smaller events and festivals at Studio 44, Theater Giljotin, Interbok – bookstore, and several other galleries and studios. The association’s members are also independently active and active cultural practitioners, mainly based in Stockholm.


BOARD DUO Contradiction

Chairman: Ekaterina Sisfontes – ekaterina.sis@gmail.com

 Vice-Chairman: Freddy Soto – flakinos@gmail.com

Cassier: Eufgenia Gorelik – euggor@gmail.com

Fellow: Lena Kolenka Rammi – kolenka77@gmail.com

Art Director and Project Curator:  Marina Pugina– odinultramarin@gmail.com