On Saturday 12 December, the art association DUO Contradiction started a temporary street gallery #ArtWindowAtFridhemsplan with the support of Robert Karlström, who allowed the association to use a display window as an exhibition space.

The shop window is located at Drottningholmsvägen 28 at the Fridhemsplan metro entrance. During this period, the association has already had time to present several artists during one to two-week-long exhibitions each.

In these corona times, it is important to keep the spread of infection down and to be able to show art with the ability to keep your distance. With the street level and the window gallery as a medium, it allows us to showcase artists responsibly.

We started with Lena (Kolenka) Rammi’s graphic work which was appreciated by the locals, as well as passers-by, and invited vernissage guests. Then Ekaterina Sisfontes showed her photo project, “Vision”. At the opening, the performance artist Madame Zju Zju also performed and offered fine-tuned music as a DJ. After that, Leijra Lauberg had to take over ceramic sculptures with deep philosophical and moral messages. Lennart Brorsson exhibited his photo project “It’s all about the light”. His unusual but familiar environments tell of the influence of light and human existence. Then Jari Enqvist and Lena (Kolenka) exhibited a joint installation about the digital world’s impact on the presence of modern man. Andro Zverev Schiller then showed his paintings, “Urban Sounds” in an urban environment.

Now on Saturday the 27th of February it is time for Mar Fjell´s to present the exhibition ”Ass, Hands, Poses” The art association DUO Contradiction hopes to continue to have the opportunity to enrich the lives of passers-by with art by both established artists and more unknown underground artists. DUO Contradiction is a non-profit association consisting of 12 artists living in Stockholm, many in Skärholmen’s surrounding areas.