Youlian Tabakov


18 May – 6 June 2024

i see you Frihemsplan Youlian Tabakov

The world / the Creation is a nice place. It is a beautiful organism. Alas, it seems, we rarely see it in its essence, hidden by our personal projections. It is like if we are looking at and in the same time away from ourselves, in an infinite game of love, hate and longing.

But what would be if we saw the essence of the Creation for what it is, and what if we would accept it and subsequently start loving it? May be it would be an opportunity to start loving ourselves?

Or maybe we first have to accept and start loving ourselves so that we can project that to the world around us.

The topics of this project are universal and presented in the context of our modern times that make it universal and necessary

I SEE YOU is realized with the financial support of The Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality, supported by City Art Gallery Ruse, Art Gallery “Boris Georgiev” – Varna, ReBonkers – Varna, in collaboration with DUOCONTRADICTION.

Youlian Tabakov is an artist working BHTX visual and performing arts, film and illustration.

He creates titles as MOMENTS – 2015, PORTRAIT OF A DYING TITAN – 2021, GENESIS-2023. In 2012 finishes Tzvetanka – a creative documentary. The film receives 13 international awards and is part of the official selections of IFFs such as DocFothnight – MoMA annual international festival of nonfiction film, Doc Leipzig, CPH:DOCS and many others. Since 1998 he creates the stage designs for more than 60 productions as well as the illustration for many books.

He is awarded with GOLDEN AGE for contributing in the development of Bulgarian Culture and many other awards.