Juanma González

Deadwood gives new life

710 pieces of foam of varying sizes

24 February- 14 March 2024

Deadwood gives new life - site-specific installation by Juanma González

Site-specific art installation by Juanma González

For my art residency at Björkö Konstnod in February 2023, I was exploring the beautiful
natural surroundings when, upon descending a small hill, I was stunned by how the timber
industry treats the forest. A whole field of trees had been cut down, leaving behind a barren
and devastated landscape. For me, it was like a war scenario, where the stupidity and
ambition of people led to killing without compassion or empathy. Then I began to draw the
remains of the trees as an image of a life that has been interrupted.
For #ArtWindowAtFridhemsplan, I want to create a site-specific installation in which the
strokes of the drawing transform into allegorical graves. The artwork is a silent outcry for the
numerous victims and losses, reflecting on the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine and other
parts of the world.

Död ved ger nytt liv (In English, Dead wood gives new life) is a series of drawings employing
various techniques (acrylic, graffito, ink) on diverse materials (paper, fabric, wood, etc.). You
can see Död ved ger nytt liv’s drawings at https://juanmagonzalez.com/dodvedgernyttliv

Juanma González is a Spanish artist who works and lives in Stockholm. His work combines
experimental and traditional practices – drawing, photography, site-specific installation,
together with performance, art intervention and creating walking routes. For the past 9
years, his research interests have been concerned with the act of walking as a practice for
knowledge and art production. Interested in the idea of normality in everyday contexts, he
creates situations where new meaning can arise. Walking becomes a device to explore the
environment and gather people in participation-based activities and meaningful meetings. In
2016, Juanma received his MFA from Kungl. Konsthögskolan (KKH), Stockholm. His art
education has continued through postgraduate courses: Research_LAB at KKH (2017),
“Sites and Situations” at Konstfack (2018), “Site and Participant” at Dramatiska Högskolan
(2020) and The Photographic Artist’s Book: Performing sustainability” at KKH (2022). He also
uses his walking practice as a teaching tool. For Kungl. Konsthögskolan, Juanma has
coordinated and led two workshops for students and professors: one workshop-trip to Madrid
in 2019 and one day-workshop inspired by studiecirkel in 2020.
Last summer, he participated in two Land Art exhibitions in Karlstad (Sweden) and Dikemark
(Norway) where created two site-specific installations in the form of labyrinths. Recent
exhibitions and projects include: Crosswalking in LA at Durden and Ray (2023, USA),
Camiños Creativos at Museo Gaiás (2022, Spain) and Landscapes of other places at
Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm 2022. He is one of the founders of the artist-run the
collective Flat Octopus In Stockholm.