Jannike Brantås & Andro Zverev

Silent Vulcanos with a Star

28  January – 14 February 2023

You are yourself stardust as you live from what the soil gives you.

 Your way to live this life is to constantly balance everything in your life and your soul.

Soil gives you life, and flowers as well. Vulcanos have their own inner lives, you know this. And you never know when they burst into internal motion…

The now silent vulcanos, silenced by the eternal dances of eons, carry their secret down with their deepest roots. Resting long enough, sleeping away all our ages, we wait, we listen, until bursting all the living up from their hidings, up from underneath; what we cannot grasp, encompass.

They will glisten, beam, and spread themselves down the long slopes of the vulcanos, down sharp ravines, angular bumbles, gravel spreading over all the black, stiffening dormant in nightly dreams. Soon their brims are burning with life-giving fragrance vegetation. Life.

Out of the black ionically old—- Once again…

 Andrej Zverev Jannike Brantås