Paula Elion

Where do you come from?

15 – 22  July 2023

Paula Elion: Where do you come from? DUO Contradiction 2023

Paula Elion’s project «Where do you come from? » problematizes our mixed backgrounds. With access to different languages and cultures, the artist creates her work at the intersection of them. The showcase now looks like a window of a strange second-hand shop: the artist has used home textiles and household utensils bought at a flea market with the help of paint and embroidery, remaking their history and purpose. There is a tablecloth with portraits of her friends from Kassel, a female dancer from Venezuela protesting against the political regime on a red one, a bear from Berlin on a green one, hybrid sculptures made of flowers and dolls, an immigrant cactus on a stool and a napkin with a boy holding a gun from the catalog of Purim children costumes. It is an eclectic interior of a house that illustrates how complex we really are and how it is pointless to ask the question «Where do you come from?».


Paula Elion is an Argentinean-Israeli Artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Paula graduated from the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel. She explores the mediums of painting and drawing, while using old books, found objects, cloth, cardboard, wood, and more. Her work deals with a wide range of topics that connect personal and socio-political aspects. It is often based on images from social media, her own family albums, and exploring universal conflicts and questions. Recipient of the Ministry of Culture 2019 prize for independent artists.