5 – 12 August 2023

Е. S.: «Acceptance» DUO Contradiction 2023

It is an anti-war performance about experiencing the current war conflicts that have been unleashed by the country you were born, live in, or belong to.

Е. S. had been preparing for a long time to move to Georgia with her family. By a tragic coincidence, it overlapped with the beginning of the war in Ukraine and forested to move many Russians at the same time.

This knife she accidentally found at the local market last autumn. In a weird way, the three-colored handle reminded her of the national flag of Russia. That is why it became a trigger. After that, she started to find these knives everywhere. She was not the only one who was haunted by them. Once she saw the same one in the play «The Emigrants». Suddenly she realised that it was turning into some obsession. She wanted to do something with the knife, but it took some to realize what should it be. The only thing was convincing enough for her will: trying to swallow it and you can watch it on the video documentation.

«Now in Georgia, I am running a community center for emigrant/expatriate artists, the composition is constantly changing, but what unites us remains the same: we are all against the war. Here and now I consider it as my duty to support independent self-organizations and like-minded people in their political stands wherever I live – in emigration or at home in Russia», states the artist.

The first time this video installation was shown was in the exhibition «February», one year after the war broke out in Ukraine.