Nikolay Evdokimov


30 September – 18 October 2023

Nikolay Evdokimov FALL - DUO Contradiction
In the exhibition Fall, Nikolay Evdokimov shows for the first time a series of textile works that open up
a new way of encountering his visual world. From primarily working with drawing and tattooing as
a medium, during the past year Evdokimov has developed his practice to include textile
Interested in mythological creatures, mythical animals, and the human psyche, Evdokimov draws his
punk visual world. Fantasy animals are combined with popular cultural references symbolized by skulls
and eagles, common motif choices in the tattoo world.
In fairy tales and legends, mythical animals traditionally appear as part-animal, part-human others
may be a mixture of two different animals. Ever since ancient times, the mythical beasts have appeared in various forms
moralizing stories and even today this approach affects how people view different animals and
their properties.
Evdokimov’s pictorial world is dominated by strong colors and contrasts, often populated by figures and
symbols that are in various ways in opposition to their surroundings. A place where the simple and banal
exist side by side with the evocative and terrifying. Inspired by traditional tapestries,
pictorial textiles, and carpets, Evdokimov continues to build on a long tradition of textile storytelling.