Ekaterina Sisfontes


19 – 30 November 2023

Ekaterina Sisfontes - Expected i #ArtWindowAtFridhemsplan

We are often aware of an impending disaster. Anxiously observing the trajectories of the phenomena surrounding us, we stubbornly believe that nothing terrible is actually happening and, even if the threat is real, there is still time and someone knows how to carefully slow down the deadly downward fall, on time and carefully.

We firmly believe that the tanks that appeared near the border only got lost or maybe they are playing tricks. We even like it when it’s hot in the summer, and rain spoils the weather less and less; this has probably happened before. And the fact that children shoot at each other with double-barreled guns is just hormones and will go away over the years.

Everything will calm down; everything will be as it should be.

The window glass was broken by a bomb fragment

Strikes are always unexpected for those who daily read military reports. 
Ekaterina Sisfontes