Rikard Fåhraeus


8 – 30 May 2021

Rikard Fåhraeus - The intension

What does it hold? What does this mean? What is the full internal content of the concept? It is stretched. It is in tension. The archaic meaning of the word intension is ”resolution” or ”determination. It is the connection of the eye to the hand and vise versa.”. Here they are two parts connected. They both have an intention, an aim, or a plan.

Those are not the same: Intension and Intention. Also, in medicine intention means the healing process of a wound. There is no wound, yet. There is an equilibrium, for the moment. Two eggs standing. Egg- Eye-Hand-Egg. An egg, a possible outcome, unknown. A transformation. To egg someone is to urge, incite, encourage.

And the long, the wood. Along is a dead-heavy thing. It is also a recording of the way traveled overseas. A movement. This wood is flotsam, a beach find. It has traveled the sea., trans-ported. Now it is transformed. Now it holds on.