Masha Trotzky


5 – 23 June 2021

The era of the Pandemic came unexpectedly and changed the world in a quite dramatic way. Everything became different: ethics, aesthetics, the language of communication, lifestyle, and human rights.

While Sweden turned out to be relatively safe territory, the rest of Europe actually spent a year in a regime of house arrest and complete desocialization.
How this experience affected people’s minds and destinies is yet to be studied by psychologists. Masha Trotzky, an artist quarantined in Belgium, presents her version and chronicle of events.

The exhibition will represent several illustrations created by the artist for British newspapers in 2020, her attempts to rethink “New Normality” through the prism of myths, biblical histories, and classical paintings.

The collection will be shown for the first time and opens a series of pandemic exhibitions by Masha Trotzky in Sweden, Germany, and Montenegro.

Born in Moscow, Masha Trotzky started her art career in 2009, became the “Best Photographer of Russia” (2010) National Award winner, received the Silver Graphis Award in New York (2016) and Aesthetica Art Prize in the UK (2015). Artist and jewelry designer, she has had solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Moscow, Florence, Malmö, Barcelona, Hamburg, Brussels, Milan, and Bologna.