Hinni Huttunen & Illusia Juvani


3 – 27 July 2021

Hinni Huttunen & Illusia Juvani

INSTITUTION – anti-heteronormative manifesto in three chapters by HUTTUNEN & JUVANI

Chapter II:  UNION’

We deeply regret our announcement of deciding to engage ourselves to be married.

We are no longer getting married as we find taking over the symbols of heteronormativity reductive. And most importantly: we are not interested in this performance that is based on compulsory heterosexuality.

Instead of recycling these old stereotypes we shifted our perspective and have now decided to take an almost completely different route. We are not going to talk or think about things that revolve around heteronormativity and straight people anymore.

Therefore we have changed the initial chapter title MARRIAGE to UNION. This new chapter title portrays more clearly what we want our work and this manifesto to represent. From now on we are only going to bring forth work that highlights queer love, solidarity, emancipation, the destruction of relationship hierarchy, and something new.  Sincerely yours,  HUTTUNEN & JUVANI INSTITUTION –  anti-heteronormative manifest in three chapters is a project that hacks into the power structures within the heteronormative society just to abandon them.

On display in Duo Contradiction Gallery, the artists exhibit a portrait titled UNION and the second chapter of the manifesto. The work is a collaboration between Hinni Huttunen and Illusia Juvani. 

Hinni Huttunen (b.1990, Pieksämäki, Finland) is a visual artist who works mainly with video and photography. In her artistic practice, she feels passionate about portraiture, gazing & being gazed at, extreme measures, and trendy colors. Huttunen graduated as a Master of Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden in 2018.

Illusia Juvani (b.1988, Ylitornio, Finland) is a queer trans-non-binary artivist. The young artist of the year 2018. As a child, their idol was Ursula from the Little Mermaid. They currently live and work in Helsinki, Finland.