Pavel Lamkov

VR producer, 360 film director.

Creates immersive content with a focus on art.

His productions won awards and were selected for several international film festivals.

Filmed by: Pavel Lamkov


To see on VR 360

Tunnel of Love is a beautifully dark trip underground. Set in a rough environment, this VR360 film provides a unique experience for the viewer, not only because of the opportunity to explore the metro in 360 degrees (claustrophobics- don’t watch this), but also because of the experimental style, music, camera work, and editorial decisions.

In his debut film, director Pavel Lamkov takes the audience on a short journey with eye-masked people who work at night when no one else is around, as they replace the ads on the wall, to the sound of upbeat music. 

VR (virtual reality) 360° music video for the fictional band Foexclub. The surrealistic theme and industrial location hooks you into watching more. The dance moves and made-up instruments contributes to making this experience even more unique. Directed by: Pavel Lamkov

To see on VR 360