Charlotte Riessen

Charlotte Riessen is a Swedish visual artist fascinated by raw, rusty structures contrasting with translucent colors. Like the perfume of a dream. Besides her own artistic outlet,

Charlotte has extensive experience working with exhibitions and performances at art institutions such as Liljevalchs Konsthall, Kulturhuset, Moderna Museet, and Konstakademin. Riessen is also inspired by working as an art coach with children and grown-ups with special needs.

Charlotte Riessen expresses herself through different artistic techniques: video art, performance, poetry, photo, metal, dry pastel, watercolor, acrylic, drawing, textile, copper graphics, etc. She is a die-hard slow art aficionado. The Doll House Portals was seeded in the eighties by the collision of Rembrandt, rust, rat-eaten antique dolls, and automatic writing in the spirit of Andres Breton. Today’s video version includes a collaboration with the musician Per Boysen who uses cello electronics to deepen the mode.