Alexey Novikov

Alexey Novikov is an artist working with different media such as photography, music, street-art, and coding based, and based in New York.

As an artist Alexey researches how environment and art-work are interconnected, and how the change of environment influences or modifies the art-work. As an example, he created music that would reflect the slightest shifts in surroundings reacting by changing the sound. This piece was performed at New York Fashion Week in 2015.

Another project #Streetgallerystreet was created to bring the street photo where it belongs – to the streets. The series of street-photography of Alexey was printed and exhibited on the streets at the exact places where they were taken.

The current project of Alexey Novikov “Desolation” explores distance between existence and non existence, looking into shifts in realities and dissolving architecture to follow the interconnections between time and texture it creates.