Adriana Jardim Mayr

Born in Brasil, Adriana Jardim Mayr concluded a master’s program in Arts in the town of Santos in the state of São Paulo in 1998.

Working as a leather accessories design and maker for 16 years in her country, many artistic possibilities were brought up in the process. Living in Sweden since 2015, she started painting again in 2018.

Her main themes are human feelings, personal experiences which represent the similarity and individuality of the human being.

The techniques used by the artist vary. Acrylic paint, oil, markers, pastel paint, graphite, coal, and another material give wings to imagination, without limits.

The artist uses art as a medium for therapy. Traumas, depression is part of her own history and the art seeks to represent anyone who identifies with it.

“Art is the way to true freedom of expression, independent of ideology, ethnicity or gender. Art cures and transmutes”.

Adriana J. Mayr