Analog Belini

What you are bidding at: The exclusive one copy made kassette single edit from the main track ”this is my fuck you to the world” inkl a kassette player, from the artists upcomming independent release that will be made in only 10 copies, hand given out to people who the artist himself choose. Analog Bellini is a Swedish self learned audio engineer who works with electronic modular gear, tape machines & no computers.
 He feel connected to the Ukrainians & the situation in their country because his relatives who where polish fled to Sweden when Hitler marched into to Poland similar to what Putin just has done in Ukraine. The track itself is a screaming nightmare driven from hate that needed to be let out in the right way. This auction is the right way

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Titel: This is my fuck you to Putin

Teknik: Analog electronic music

Tillverkningsår: 2022

Startpris: 1 000 SEK

Uppskattad pris: 3 000 SEK