Susanna Hagström

is an artist, that works with mixed media, such as photography, acrylic painting, installations, video and virtual reality. 
The motifs portrayed in Susannas art is usually found in nature, an early morning to catch the best light before sunrise or late at night to catch the starry sky. She likes to take photos of aurora borealis and long exposure in low light. Susanna contributed to several exhibitions with various artists and is a member of Konstrundan Tyresö. 
During 2020 and 2021 she made art installations in the forest of Alby in Tyresö.
In 2021 she had an exhibition in a container with Marika af Trolle.

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Titel: Solen möter dimman

Teknik: Foto giclée på syrafritt fine art papper.

Tillverkningsår: 2020

Mått: 53 x 43 cm

Pris:  1 000 SEK