Corinne Svala

Swedish painter who loves making abstract paintings – or flowers – or them both together.

Color makes me happy.

I was born in a little village on the East side of Sweden. My mother said I liked to draw even as a child and in my teens I tried oilcolors. I mostly painted landscapes then.

After studying Business Administration I started working in Stockholm and stopped painting. 30 years later I got diagnozed with breastcancer. While trying to balance life and work, I found painting again. But not landscapes this time, but abstracts mixed with occasional flowers.

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Titel: Single Wave

Teknik: Akryl

Tillverkningsår: 2021

Mått: 27 x 35,5 cm

Startpris: 2 500 SEK

Uppskattad pris: 7 500 SEK