Laёtitia Deschamps


4 – 18 September 2021

Laetitia tystnad


Laetitia Deschamps Fåhraeus is a French artist who has lived and worked in Stockholm since 2019.
She mainly creates anthropomorphic images of hybrid and primitive organisms in scenes from which the viewer can construct his own vision of the story. The purpose of her work is to question the graphic / pictorial state of her work by introducing both spontaneity and control and questioning the concept of interpretation.
In addition to her painting, Laëtitia’s artistic production also includes installations in France and Sweden.

The primary meaning of silence is not to speak, and then comes the thought of silence as the absence of noise. Although silence is primarily opposed to speech, silence can have expressive use when it is left to others to judge the meaning of the silent attitude.
Silence is not emptiness or nothing, on the contrary, silence is full. Silence allows you to control yourself and censor your instincts. Silence, therefore, confronts the inner and its infinite imaginary possibilities. In fact, there is no such thing as absolute silence and silence is just a storehouse for something unsaid.
Silence questions the concept of interpretation.
The viewer of silent images can always find their own vision or illusion. A window is open to inner and spontaneous drafts: about the freedom to remain silent by formulating contours and uncertain forms, about the ambiguity in the figuration of what is given to see.
Can images be silent because they are versatile? Does their silence convey a greater meaning?