AnnaLeena Prykäri

In her practice, AnnaLeena Prykäri talks about the body of control, power roles, desire, happiness, and care in various forms.

Meaning not only a physical body – as it is translated into objects and physical installations – also as a psychical body as a performative tool, and a body as a structural form.

She collects lived experiences and emotions to her archive. Building, asking, performing, and translating. Consisting of layers, questions, states, and interconnections. Singularly cross-dressing the intellectual to emotional and vice versa. Cross-dressing languages, images, rooms, and identities. Question of politics of care.

The foundation for her work is built on psychological, mental, and emotional states, where humanity, human nature, emotional states, and desires play key roles. The starting point is her research of the interconnections between topics of mental illnesses and BDSM.